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Arginine vasopressin receptor 1A
Symbol(s) AVPR1A; AVPR1
External IDs OMIM: 600821 MGI1859216 Homologene568
RNA expression pattern




More reference expression data

Human Mouse Entrez 552 54140 Ensembl ENSG00000166148 ENSMUSG00000020123 Uniprot P37288 Q3U1H9 Refseq NM_000706 (mRNA)
NP_000697 (protein)
NM_016847 (mRNA)
NP_058543 (protein)
Location Chr 12: 61.83 - 61.83 Mb Chr 10: 121.85 - 121.86 Mb
Pubmed search [1] [2]

Arginine vasopressin receptor 1A (AVPR1A) is a protein that acts as receptor for arginine vasopressin.[1] AVPR1A belongs to the subfamily of G-protein coupled receptors.

Its activity is mediated by G proteins which stimulate a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system.

The activity / genetic variants of the AVPR1 gene might be related to generosity and altruistic behavior.[2]

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