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Anthrozoology is the study of human-animal interaction. It is a modern interdisciplinary and burgeoning field that overlaps with a number of other disciplines, including anthropology, ethology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine and zoology. A major focus of anthrozoologic research is the quantifying of the positive effects of human-animal relationships on either party and the study of the reality of their interactions.[1]

Example areas of study[]

  • The interaction and enhancement within captive animal interactions.
  • Affective (emotional) or relational bonds between humans and animals
  • Human perceptions and beliefs in respect of other animals.
  • How some animals fit into human societies.
  • How these vary between cultures, and change over times.
  • The study of animal domestication: how and why domestic animals evolved from wild species (paleoanthrozoology).
  • Captive zoo animal bonds with keepers

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  1. Mills, Daniel S. "Anthrozoology", The Encyclopedia of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare. CABI 2010, pp. 28–30.

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Professional Bodies, Research Centers and Journals[]

Papers published by the International Society for the Study of Anthrozoology[]

  • Compatibility Stereotypes of People and Pets
  • Behavior of Children with Learning Disabilities Interacting with a Therapy Dog
  • Realistic Representations of Companion Animals in Comic Art in the USA
  • Advertising Animal Protection
  • Speciesism, Anthropocentrism, and Non-Western Cultures
  • Whale Shark Tourism in Ningaloo Marine Park, Australia
  • Judgments of Cruelty to Animals: Sex Differences and Effect of Awareness of Suffering
  • Motivations and Characteristics of Volunteer Flying-Fox Rehabilitators in Australia
  • Pets’ Roles in Parents’ Bereavement
  • Recent Shifts Regarding the Relationship between People and Other Animals in Japanese Culture
  • How Depressive Moods Affect the Behavior of Singly Living Persons Towards Their Cats
  • Bonds of trust shown between Zookeepers and Captive Animals


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